Top 10 foods that are bad for your teeth

Top 10 foods that are bad for your teeth

The teeth are the hardest part of the human body. Everyone needs healthy teeth which is important for our overall health. Teeth help us to make a good smile, speak, bite and chew food. Nobody wants yellow teeth. Some food which causes tooth staining is as below.


Everyone enjoy the morning coffee but remember it contains acidic polyphenols which may cause staining and also discolouration of your teeth.

Red wine :

Red wine contains a large number of chromogens, which cause a stain in teeth. The acid in wine can break your enamel and causes decay in your teeth.


Curry one of the main menu in Indian food. The spices can make your taste buds excited, but on the other hand, It may also tint your teeth and will cause deep pigmentation.

Tomato sauce:

It is the most useful item in Chinese food. Tomato sauce stains your teeth and may harm.
The acid in tomato sauce may cause erosion in your teeth.


Nowadays not even children but also adults also love candies. The sugar content in candies may harm your teeth and can get broken or chipped teeth.


Who doesn’t love the crunches? Everyone it most. You may not know that potato chips are filled with starch it can tend to get trapped in your teeth. Take care while choosing like these type of snacks and also take care of your teeth and health.


Most of the soft drinks are carbonated, including diet soda are very acidic and bad for your teeth. The soft drinks contain sugar content which produces acid and attracts your enamel, the hard surface of your tooth. These drinks can dry out your mouth try to drink alongside a cup of water.


Sweets I love it!! But when it comes to a healthy part I will say no for myself. Because it has contained more amount of sugar which is very harmful to your teeth sugar can lead to the decay of your teeth.

Conclusion :

Try to avoid having these foods regularly to keep your teeth healthy. Use some remedies or contact your dentist in adverse conditions. Teeth are the most attractive while smiling, Everyone should take care of their teeth by avoiding the above-mentioned fruits and if a severe problem occurs visit & consult dentist near you. Why the teeth is very important in the human body? Once upon a time, teeth were not only used for breakdown the thing but sometimes for self-defence. Just think if We do not have teeth then what will happen, it helps us to talk, bite and for a smile. To maintain your teeth health very well and also your health.

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