Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best and permanent solution for those who lost their teeth or those who are missing their original smile because of the loss of teeth.Most successful rate of Dental Implant treatment is available all over the world. Artificial teeth are replaced at the place of natural teeth in a dental implant.

Dental Implant treatment is replacing the root or roots of the tooth by adding implants ( artificial teeth ).

A procedure of Dental Implant:

Implants are the metal form which is made up of titanium ( lightweight, Very strong), easily acceptable by the body.

For this treatment, your teeth need to have gums and side bones strong to support a dental implant. Local anaesthesia to that teeth, and place the implant. After completing healing permanent crown added to Implant to look as “natural teeth“.

Most Frequently asked Question:

Dental Implant treatment generally done in a two-stage procedure, in the first stage implants are placed inside the bone which we leave it for healing with bone (for about 3-6 months). In the second stage, implants are fixed with the crown.

If you lose more than one teeth then you must consult best dental doctors in the city and undergo this treatment and feel free from your teeth problems.

I highly recommended for Complete Denture treatment with or without Dental implant

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